Andréa Mussard is a french graphic designer and art director currently based in Paris. She specialized in branding, editorial & retail design. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in graphic design and then a master's degree in global design, she gained further experience in Paris and Amsterdam working for global design’s studios and agencies. She's currently an independent graphic designer working with various clients across the fields of design, innovation, fashion, beauty, food & beverages and more.

Agencies / Studios I worked with:

UXUS, Future brand (Nike, Converse, The Olympics ...)︎
Bureau Betak (Dior, Fendi, Rochas)︎
Studio 5.5 (Atelier Cologne, Puces du Design, Lancôme)︎
Manifestes (Lancaster)︎

Brands I worked for:

Pernod Ricard
Vegan magazine
Pyramyd Formation
Swiss Bullion Corp
Patrimony Conseil
Webschool Factory
Arow Grip
La Potion